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yes guys im still alive and if ur still following me even after my hiatus just know that i love you to death thank youuu

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The thing we need is
Never all that hard to find

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Adolescence isn’t just about prom or wearing sparkly dresses.”

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              “I never considered that I wouldn’t be successful. I never thought, 'If acting doesn't work out I can be a doctor.' … And that dumb determination of being a naive 14-year-old has never left me.” - Jennifer Lawrence

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rewatched the final trailer of CF AND STILL HAVE GOOSEBUMPSS 

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People forget about your humanity when you become famous. I know there will be those who, on reading this, think: ‘Oh, you’re a famous star — deal with it! But I have witnessed, first-hand, how people push, pull and swear at stars — particularly the young ones — just to get any old shot. It’s shameful. You would not want your own daughter treated that way, believe me.

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Doctor Who + Faceless

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can someone here be a sweetie and kindly give me any download link for Cs6 ? darn i miss making my edits/graphics <//3

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Wow thank you so much! I finally reached 1k! In honor of this great event I want to name all the perfect beings on this website that make my dash better! Thank yall so much!!! At first I'd like to name the coolest persons I met here so far, all my tinychat bitches and friends :) 

Brooke, Ems, Liss, Cece, Holly, Mary, Stephie, Laura, Alex, Hanna, Marie, Xandra


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Of course I have to thank all my followers but also all the blogs that I follow so check out my broll [x] for all the perfections

I'm really sorry if I forgot anybody, i don't have a very good memory. If I forgot you send me an ask please and I'll add you :)

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